Dynamics of Professions and Professionalism: Work, Quality and Expertise
August 30-31, 2022, Utrecht University

Interim meeting in August 2022

Extended deadline: abstract submissions by May 20, 2022!

European Sociological Association, Research Network 19 “Sociology of Professions” Interim meeting 2022 in collaboration with the Utrecht University Focus area Professional Performance and the Utrecht University School of Governance

Dynamics of Professions and Professionalism: Work, Quality and Expertise
August 30-31 (29-31), 2022, Utrecht University

Call for papers:

Ongoing societal changes strongly influence professions, professionalism and professional practices. For instance, the internet affects the availability of information and the way in which people communicate; the pace of technological development – including big data and artificial intelligence – is leading to automation of a growing number of professional tasks; social media generate new pressures on professional work. Meanwhile, globalisation, migration and changing geopolitical relationships are affect how professional services are rendered. In addition, professionals are becoming more connected across organisational, sectoral and national boundaries.

These changes have far-reaching consequences for society, for the organisations in which professionals work, and for the relationships between professional groups. Furthermore, this change affects the nature of the tasks that professionals perform, the roles they perform, and the expectations they face. This, in turn, affects which knowledge, expertise, skills and competencies they could or should possess.

During this conference, we want to emphasize changing professional services, changing tasks and roles of professionals, changing expectations and requirements, and the implications for the development of professional expertise in working life. Issues concerning the connection between work, professional development and lifelong learning are highly important in such a context.

We also want to offer space to different disciplinary perspectives on these issues, especially, but not only, disciplines that have their focus on specific professions (such as the life sciences, law, psychology, educational sciences, veterinary sciences). Furthermore, we will engage in dialogue with representatives of professional organisations about the interplay between research and professions.

The following broad questions will guide the discussion:

  1. How do changing social demands and social contexts influence professions, professional organisations, professional work and relations between professions?
  2. What factors are central in organising professional expertise and quality, in different domains?
  3. How do development and socialisation take place, how do professionals learn, how do they acquire relevant expertise, and how do they adapt to changing contexts?

We invite papers, both empirical and theoretical, on established and emerging professions, and concerning these or other related issues.

Abstract submission is open until May 20, 2022.  Please send your proposal (maximum 250 words) to: esarn19@gmail.com. The conference will be on location (offline), in Utrecht. In May we will provide more definitive information about the program, against the background of the prospects and measures concerning COVID19. 

Key note -speakers will be confirmed soon.

Coordinators: Christiane Schnell, Institute for Social Research, Frankfurt; Wieger Bakker, Utrecht University School of Governance; Helena Hirvonen, University of Eastern Finland; Mirko Noordegraaf, Utrecht University School of Governance

Conference venue

How to get to the School of Governance:  https://www.uu.nl/en/organisation/utrecht-university-school-of-governance/contact-us

How to get to the Academiegebouw (University Hall) for the welcoming reception on the day before the start of the conference: https://www.uu.nl/en/organisation/utrecht-university-hall/visitor-information/directions


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